Q.What measurement do I need to place an order?

A.The rough opening
Width - Between the studs
Height – Between the header and top of the concrete slab

(Also need the finished wall thickness).

Q.What colors do I have to choose from?

A.For Standard part “A” nosing:
Almond, Bronze, Driftwood, Evergreen, Mocha, Sage, Tan & White.

For Brickmould Profile part “C” nosing:
Almond, Driftwood, Sage, & White.

Q.What is the standard formula for rough opening?

A.Width = door size + 2”
Height = door size + 1-1/2”

Q.Can Equalizer clad overhead material be applied to an existing garage door frame?

A.No, it is designed for only for new construction or remodel/replacement only.

Q.Are custom sizes available?

A.Yes, custom sizes can be made in both the size of the garage door frame and the wall thickness.

Q.Is weatherstipping furnished with the overhead frame?

A.No, normally the garage door installer furnishes this component.

Q.How do I clean my clad garage door frame?

A. Mild non-abrasive detergent with a soft cloth, rinse thoroughly.