Q. Do I have to know what the handing is to order a door?

A.Yes, doors are prehung and the operation is viewed from the exterior:
Single Doors viewed from exterior:
Hinges on left = HL
Hinges on right = HR

Double Door (hinged on the jambs) viewed from exterior:
Both panels operate, but the Left panel is the primary operator = LPO
Both panels operate, but the Right panel is the primary operator = RPO

Double Terrace (Patio Door) viewed from exterior:
Only the Left panel operates = LO
Only the Right panel operates = RO

Q.Does the Fullview Traditional model have a completely unobstructed view?

A.If the Fullview Traditional door is ordered with screen only, the view is totally unobstructed. The screen insert is screwed into the door frame, which gives the screen optimum structural strength.

If the Fullview Traditional door is ordered with both storm & interchangeable screen, the screen insert will include a 3/4” screen divider. This divider bar is recommended for durability of the screen insert; however, we will omit it upon request.

Q.Are custom sizes available?

A.Yes, we do have the ability to manufacture custom sizes in all models of Equalizer doors.

Q.How are the inserts held in (on the fullview tradional storm/screen model)

A.3-retainer clips (Falcon Screw Clips) on each side. These clips must be relocated from their shipping position on the outside of the track. They must be moved to the inside of the track on the inside of the door. As the screw is tightened down, it will put outward pressure on the insert, providing a secure fit.

Q.Can I store both storm & screen inserts inside the door at the same time on the Fullview Traditional model?

A.No. On this model, only one insert may be installed at a time. The insert should be installed into the outermost track of the door, with the retainer clip in the innermost track. The other insert must be stored in a safe location for future use when the season changes. (Note: do not handle the glass insert by its frame, this will pull the frame away from the glass).

Q.Are “arched top” doors available?

A.No. At this time we do not offer any arched units.

Q.Will an Equalizer door fit onto a door with clad exterior?

A.Yes. We can adapt our door to almost any clad unit. The manufacturer of the door must be identified, along with model name and jamb size. If this information is not readily available, a diagram with the dimensions of the cladding must be provided.

Q.How do I clean my Equalizer Storm Door?

A. Mild non-abrasive detergent with a soft cloth, rinse thoroughly.